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  • Guarantee Access to Reproductive Healthcare

    • Saddam Salim will fight to ensure that everyone has access to their full reproductive rights, including abortion, contraception, pre- and post-natal care, expanded services to bring down maternal mortality, and access to high quality and medically accurate sex education in our public schools. 

  • Medically Accurate Information Matters

    • Saddam Salim is committed to ensuring that all people are given medically accurate information about their reproductive options - no one should be given manipulative or inaccurate information as a part of accessing care.

  • Fight Unnecessary Restrictions and TRAP Laws

    • Saddam Salim opposes any unnecessary restrictions put on information or services in order to limit access.  Saddam also opposes using zoning or other methods to close down reproductive healthcare clinics or limit access.

  • Expand Access to Underserved Areas

    • It’s not enough just to guarantee access - we need to make sure everyone can get what they need in their own communities.  Saddam Salim will fight to expand access to reproductive care across the Commonwealth, especially areas that are traditionally underserved.

  • Bring Down Maternal Mortality

    • Saddam Salim will fight to bring down Virginia’s maternal mortality rate, by advocating for best practices and expanded resources in our hospitals and clinics to diagnose and treat the conditions that lead to high mortality. We must respond with emergency care that is cutting edge and able to save lives.  Saddam will also advocate for expanded prenatal care resources, especially for women of color, to help support them and reduce mortality outcomes.

  • Speaking Out for Reproductive Justice

    • Saddam is committed to fighting for reproductive justice in Virginia, by standing up with advocacy groups, local leaders and community members to speak out about the importance of reproductive healthcare.  The time is now for leaders to be visible and outspoken on reproductive justice - both votes and voices matter.

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