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  • Liam Fischer

Sen. Salim Statement on SB675


January 24, 2024

Contact: RICHMOND, VIRGINIA – Over the last week, I have had the opportunity to engage with a diverse range of voices, including hundreds of constituents, along with representatives from homeowner associations, towns, and various civic groups. The consensus among these stakeholders is a resounding request to oppose Senate Bill 675, which seeks to authorize a countywide referendum on the construction of a casino in Tysons, VA. Tysons is located in the northeastern part of my district.

The concerns expressed by my constituents and community representatives are rooted in various considerations, including the socio-economic repercussions and the potential strain on existing infrastructure. It is evident that the prospect of a casino has sparked apprehension among residents and civic groups who fear adverse consequences for the overall well-being of our community. It is crucial that we take into account the sentiments of those who will be directly affected by this proposal.

I understand the complexities surrounding such proposals, and I respect the democratic process that underlies the consideration of referendums. However, I firmly believe that the concerns raised by my constituents and community groups in our districts deserve careful attention and thoughtful consideration. Therefore, after careful consideration, I have decided to oppose SB675. I would like to thank the numerous constituents and other Virginians who have reached out to my office and expressed their views.

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