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  • ​LGBTQIA Rights Are Under Attack

    • Over 400+ bills are moving through state legislatures across the country targeting LGBTQIA+ people. Saddam Salim will oppose all legislation targeting this community and he will fight in Richmond for LGBTQIA+ rights. Saddam wants Virginia to become one of the bricks in the Rainbow Wall defending LGBTQIA+ youth and adults.

  • What is the Rainbow Wall?

    • Rainbow Wall legislation is aimed at protecting vulnerable LGBTQIA communities - currently 19 states have joined together to try and pass shield legislation through their statehouses.  Virginia is not yet one of them, but Saddam Salim wants to start introducing legislation to join the coalition of states dedicated to protecting the LGBQIA+ community from attack.

  • Protect access to gender affirming care

    • People have the right to access gender affirming care - if elected Saddam Salim will sponsor legislation codifying that right.

  • Protect LGBTQIA+ residents from out of state attacks

    • When other states criminalize gender affirming care, no one who moves here to escape persecution should fear that the Commonwealth will abandon them.  Saddam Salim will sponsor legislation that prohibits the enforcement of anti-trans legislation from other states in Virginia.  ​

  • Be a Leader And An Ally

    • It’s one thing to vote for or against bills - it’s another thing to stand with the LGBTQIA+ community. Saddam Salim will be there to fight with them and for them to ensure Virginia is a safe haven for everyone.

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