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Focused on Virginia's Future

Virginia's Future

It's time to focus on a future that works for all Virginians - a clean energy economy, respect for our diverse communities, LGBTQ+ rights, strong schools and forward-thinking leadership.

Reproductive Rights

We need to ensure every Virginian who needs it has access to reproductive healthcare, including abortion services.  Saddam Salim will fight to protect and expand access to the healthcare people need.

Gun Violence

Virginia needs an assault weapons ban and strong, common-sense gun control laws. Saddam Salim will fight for legislation that helps protect all Virginians, especially our children.


Saddam will fight for the expansion of affordable housing options in our region. He will work to create financial incentives and a more streamlined process for localities to construct additional affordable housing along with more funding for affordable housing projects


Saddam will focus on increased access to clean and reusable energy in Virginia. He will support developing our infrastructure for EVs, improving our public transportation, and preparing our grid for wind and solar. Saddam believes that the transition to clean energy can be a job creator and push for training programs in these fields.


Saddam believes that we need a strong public school system. He will fight for better teacher pay along with proper funding for school resources, facilities, and mental health programs. Saddam will not villainize our teachers or threaten to hold back funding to schools.

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