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  • Allow local governments to set clean energy codes

    • Saddam believes Virginia needs to aggressively pursue and extend clean energy goals for construction and renovations of buildings. He will support efforts to allow localities to opt in to the International Energy Construction Code and Net Zero Code options. Virginia ranks 6th in the nation in taking advantage of new federal funding to improve energy codes. By adopting these codes local governments will improve energy efficiency for buildings and help Virginia to meet 50% of the Virginia Clean Economy Act goals.

  • Support the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative 

    • Virginia has benefitted from its membership in the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative. Efforts by Gov. Glen Youngkin to pull the state out of the RGGI must continue to be opposed. The State Senate helped prevent Youngkin’s attempt to roll back this plan which aids the development of energy efficient low-income housing, addressing coastal resilience and flood disasters. Saddam will be an outspoken voice in support of the RGGI and other measures to gut environmental policies.

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