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  • Assault Weapons Ban

    • Saddam Salim will support an assault weapons ban in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

  • Waiting Periods

    • Saddam Salim will support legislation to add mandatory waiting periods to firearm sales, like HB 2273 that was introduced this year. Currently, both DC and Maryland already have waiting periods, so this legislation will also eliminate a loophole and reduce gun violence across the entire region.

  • Domestic Abusers

    • Saddam Salim will support legislation that would strengthen and expand restrictions on domestic abusers from purchasing or owning firearms in the Commonwealth. For example, restrictions should be expanded to ban non-married perpetrators from owning firearms and requiring that law enforcement remove firearms from the scene of a domestic violence incident.

  • Concealed Carry

    • Saddam Salim supports increased restrictions on concealed carry and higher penalties for violations of the law.

  • Safe Storage

    • Saddam Salim will support legislation to provide training and funding for safe storage. Saddam Salim will also support legislation that would ensure that gun owners are held liable if someone is injured or killed by an improperly stored weapon.

  • Early Prevention Measures

    • Saddam Salim will support legislation to invest in communities and demographics with high gun violence rates to intervene and provide support before gun violence occurs. Access to jobs, healthcare, and affordable housing, along with funding for local violence prevention groups can ensure at-risk individuals do not commit gun violence.

    • Suicides now make up a majority of gun deaths in the United States. Along with other gun-control measures, Saddam Salim will support investments into suicide prevention and mental health programs to help eliminate gun deaths from suicide.

  • Red Flag Laws

    • Saddam Salim supports the red flag law passed in 2020 and will work with localities to make sure that they are effectively using the program.

  • Protecting our Progress

    • Saddam Salim will fight back against Republicans and the Gun Lobby who are trying to undo legislation passed under the previous administration.

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